Hair by Ms. Bek - Healthy hair is my commitment.  Style is never compromised.
***Gift Certificates are now available.  Just in time for the holiday, they make a great gift. ***

We've finally made it thru the holidays and into the new year. Now it's "Tax Season" and to show my appreciation for my clients' continued support I have a special offer you just can't refuse... 
If you're looking to budget the costs of hair care into your quarterly, semi-annual and/or annuals budgets, this is the deal for you.  Upon receipt of your tax returns, I'm offering $10 off all shampoos when you pay up your services either 3, 6, 9 or 12 months in advance. 
Here's how it works... If you're a weekly client you can pay $480 for 3 months (12 weeks), $960 for 6 months (24 weeks), $1440 for 9 months (36 weeks) or $1920 for the rest of the year (48 weeks) of shampoo services.
(Bi-weekly clients can split these amounts in half.) 
Any additional services will be charged a-la-carte when rendered. (i.e. relaxers, color, cuts, etc.) This deal can save you anywhere from $120 per month to $600 per year!!! So lets start off right and budget in our fabulosity for a healthy head of hair for 2014. 

 This offer is good Jan. 13 thru May 15, 2015. 
As always, thanks for your support.   Ms. Bek ;)


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